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"I take great pride in my 30 years of dedicated service in the Army, and now, I am honored to extend that commitment to serving you. I want to advocate for our senior rights and make sure all our residents have access to affordable healthcare, medicare, and mental health resources. I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done because I am a veteran committed to change."
Mental Health

Kenya Wicks prioritizes mental health by advocating for the establishment of community-based mental health clinics, making services easily accessible to all. She aims to implement comprehensive mental health programs in schools, ensuring students receive necessary emotional and academic support. Kenya also commits to reducing stigma through awareness campaigns, fostering understanding, and creating a judgment-free environment for seeking help.

Reproductive Freedom

As a staunch advocate for reproductive freedom, Kenya Wicks prioritizes protecting and expanding reproductive rights. She supports comprehensive sex education programs in schools, empowering individuals with accurate information about reproductive health and relationships. Kenya is committed to ensuring access to affordable and comprehensive reproductive healthcare services, including contraception, prenatal care, and safe and legal abortion, irrespective of income or background.

Health Care

Kenya Wicks is dedicated to making healthcare more affordable by advocating for policies that lower the cost of prescription medications, and she supports the expansion of Medicaid. She also champions the establishment of community health clinics, focusing on preventive care, wellness programs, and early intervention. Additionally, Kenya supports the expansion of telehealth services to improve accessibility, particularly for those in rural areas.

Public Safety

Kenya Wicks is committed to building trust between law enforcement and communities through community policing initiatives, encouraging positive interactions and collaborative problem-solving. She advocates for increased funding and training in crisis intervention techniques for law enforcement to effectively handle mental health crises. Recognizing the importance of investing in youth programs, Kenya aims to provide opportunities for education, mentorship, and recreation to steer young people away from crime and contribute to safer neighborhoods.

Economic Development

For Small Business Owners:  Kenya is committed to economic empowerment, and she is dedicated to ensuring District 34’s small business owners thrive. With a focus on access, Kenya is determined to implement programs providing training opportunities for entrepreneurs, arming them with the tools to succeed. Moreover, Kenya Wicks is passionate about streamlining government contract processes, making them accessible to small businesses and fostering growth and prosperity. Kenya is driven by a vision for a robust local economy. By championing policies that support education and equitable opportunities, Kenya will see to it that our small businesses flourish and contribute to a prosperous community.

Jobs For All: Kenya is determined to maximize the positive impact of new businesses in our district. Focused on securing local benefits, Kenya aims to ensure residents have priority access to job opportunities generated by these enterprises. With a proven track record in economic development, Kenya understands the importance of fostering symbiotic relationships between the community and businesses. By advocating for policies that prioritize local hiring, she strives to create a thriving ecosystem where residents not only witness but actively participate in the growth of their community.


A cornerstone of Kenya Wicks' commitment to our district. She's dedicated to ensuring quality learning experiences for all by championing public schools and advocating for Preschool Education, School Counselors, and Special Education Support. Kenya envisions policies that empower teachers, improve school infrastructure, and prioritize cutting-edge curricula. She believes investing in education is investing in our community's success. By advocating for equitable resources and innovative teaching methods, Kenya strives to prepare students for tomorrow's challenges, ensuring everyone has the tools to thrive in the future job market. Join Kenya in shaping a brighter educational future for our community.

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